We are are all about clarity, transparency and openness.

We’re still figuring some things out but we’ve answered as many questions as we can.

  1. Why are your results different from what poll XXX says?
    We have used age-weighted data from 13 recent polls, all from the last 20 days. By using so many results, we remove as many imperfections as possible. Our full data set is here:

  2. I’m a data scientist. Can I replicate your results?
    Our full source code is available on GitHub. You can download it and run the model with Python.

  3. You recommend I vote for XXX, but I want to vote for YYY.
    If you are a natural voter for party xxx, it is very important you vote for your party. We are providing recommendations for Remain supporters who don’t know which party in their region is the best to vote for.

  4. You recommend Change UK in London and South East, but they don’t stand a chance.
    It will take a lot for Change UK to win in the London and South East regions. But, if enough Smart voters support them, our model shows they can win.

  5. What happens if there’s a bit shift in the polls between now and Thursday? Or if canvassing returns are showing something different to the polls?
    If there’s a significant shirt between now and Thursday, we’ll use the new polling data to reset our recommendations.

  6. What is the mission of Remain Voter?
    Our mission is to make every Remain vote count!

  7. Why does Remain Voter exist?
    The major political parties in the UK are pro-Brexit, and pro-Remain parties are not working together. Remainers need to coordinate to maximise the impact of our votes and make our voice heard.

  8. What is Remain Voter doing?
    Before 23 May, RemainVoter.com will share which pro-EU party is most likely to win MEP seats in each region. We will help voters campaign and vote tactically in the European Elections to maximise Remain’s impact and minimise pro-Brexit parties’ seats.

  9. How will I get my tactical voting recommendation?
    You sign up. You’ll get a welcome email. Then some Remain campaigning info. In the week before the election, we will send you a local voting recommendation. We’ll also publish our recommendation on the website.

  10. Are the recommendations going to be ready in time for the postal voting deadline?
    We’re hoping to have some initial recommendations ready by then. However, we expect for the recommendation to vary and become more accurate closer to the 23rd May. You can take you postal ballot to the polling station on the 23rd if you want to wait for our final recommendations.

  11. How are you coming up with the recommendations?
    We are building a voter engine which uses a mathematical model to analyse polling data and project outcomes for each area of the UK. Details to come on the technical stack. We will open source the voter engine for transparency and so other groups like us around the world can continue to push it forward.

  12. Which parties do you consider pro-EU?
    A party is considered pro-EU if their manifesto supports Remain or a People’s Vote. Remain parties are Liberal Democrat, Green, Change UK, SNP, Plaid Cymru.

  13. Who is Remain Voter?
    We are 20 volunteers in software development, mathematics, project management, content and marketing from the UK and EU. We are not aligned with or funded by any political party, thinktank or corporation.

  14. How do I get involved?

  15. When did Remain Voter start?
    We had the idea to start Remain Voter on the 14 April. We went live that evening. We are growing incredibly quickly.

  16. How do I donate?
    Thank you, but we are not accepting donations currently. We’re run with tiny budget thanks to the help of our volunteers.

  17. Who do I contact for PR?
    We are keen to partner to spread awareness.
    Contact [email protected].