Don't blame the player. Change the game

The last few days have exposed Westminster’s party political flaws at their worst.

Andrew Adonis

Andrew Adonis, the Labour peer, who has been one of the few political rallying points for the Remain movement and is undoubtedly a Remain supporter, has been “forced” to write a pro-Brexit statement on his Facebook page.

The new pro-Remain, Change UK have had their plans to “destroy” the similarly pro-Remain Lib Dems and hoover up their members, MPs and donors, revealed. They also rule out working with the party, saying; ‘No mergers, pacts or alliances.’

People are naturally furious. Twitter is full of people choosing sides. The problem is that choosing sides moves us further away from a People’s Vote and Revoking A50, fragmenting support along tribal lines.

Politicians putting their own or their party’s interests before their country’s interest is not new. It is the nature of party politics. Our elected officials, find it hard to represent the electorate because the system often drags them off course.

How do voters best deal with that?

We need to remember that party politics isn’t the only game in town. People are the terrain that politicians must navigate. If we change the landscape we can help our political system deliver our aims. We need to prepare a clear and wide Remain landing ground for them.

That’s what Remain Voter’s objective is. It takes a lot of us to make it happen. But working together will get the best result for all of us. The more Remain Voters there are, the more clearly your voice will be heard.

If you want forward motion, not heat and noise, join us and help change the game.