LONDON, 17 May 2019 – Remain Voter has joined the network of cross-party grassroots Remain groups which includes Represent Us, Remain Strategic, The 48%, Pledge for the Future, Voices for Europe and Dorset for Europe. These groups are coming together to maximise the impact of Remain votes in Thursday’s European Elections and return the most Remain MEPs possible.

On Saturday, Remain Voter will provide voters with clear, independent recommendations so they can make the best tactical vote in their region and maximise the impact of every vote in the European Election on Thursday 23 May.

As the first step in this new partnership, Remain Voter is hosting a survey proposed and designed by the EU groups that will help understand what core Remainers think. You can complete the short survey here.

Dorset for Europe’s, Tim Joyce, who volunteers with Remain Voter, said, “Remain Voter didn’t exist three weeks ago. What those volunteers have achieved is incredible. We are already nearly in the top 10,000 websites in the UK. To put that into perspective, the Leave EU site is ranks about 35,000. The backlash against Brexit is happening and it’s happening now.”

Remain Voter’s Mark Alexander said, “The important thing is to make sure the UK remains in the EU. To do that, everyone who supports Remain should work together and temporarily put aside tribal party politics. This is too important. This how we win.”

“The other teams have fantastic experienced boots on the ground, so can help spread the Remain Voter recommendations. Working together, we can make sure the UK remains in the EU.”

Remain Voter’s mathematical model using polling data sets to determine the most effective Remain party vote in each region. The recommendations will be published late on Saturday night.