I set up Remainvoter.com on Sunday night. The response has been amazing. Thousands of us have signed up. I set this up because the past three years Remain have had no leaders, no media, no money, less political representation than is fair, and little voice.

The objective is simple. To empower Remain Voters and make sure our voice is heard. We are not aligned to any political party. We aren’t funded by think tanks or oligarchs. In fact, we aren’t funded at all. Just grassroots volunteers.

Only 35% of the UK voted in the EU elections last time. Many of us didn’t vote. I didn’t. I regret that. I regret that I became detached from the political process. Now I realise that the most impactful decision we can make for our community is to choose to vote. Especially so, when ordinarily we wouldn’t have voted.

What can you expect from us? Let’s see how it develops. For now, we will develop the website into a useful information source. As we get closer to the vote and the party’s strategies become clear (and we have done the maths on the D’Hondt voting system!) we will share commendations on who to vote for to make the most of your vote for Remain.

Most of all we will have fun and stay involved.

Looking forward to this,

Mark Alexander