Smart Voting and Party Voting:

Democracy is hard-won. Ideally, each vote is free from intimidation. It is private, which is right and proper in a mature democracy. And we’re incredibly lucky to have that right.

In a two-party system, normal voting can easily become a passive habit. An individual votes for the same party at every election. No one really looks at alternative views. Curiosity wanes. What should be a conscious act of deliberation can easily become an unconscious habit. We all know the cliché of pin a blue/red/yellow rosette on a donkey in a certain constituency and it’ll be elected.

That sense of loyalty, from the outside, looks intoxicating. What does it feel like to have a perpetual passion, maintained through the ups and downs of electoral cycles?

As in love, some voters are not so lucky. They watch elections, often feeling politically homeless. Sometimes they’re known as swing or floating voters. Often they simply don’t vote. Even for the most important votes, about a third of the electorate don’t turn up. No one seems to care about European elections: normally about two thirds don’t vote.

At, we see apolitical or ‘homeless’ voters like us as an untapped resource. For us, them – you? – we’ve created a solid model using 13 up-to-date polls to see how we elect the highest possible number of Remain supporting MEPs. It isn’t simple: the D’Hondt method, which we use for electing MEPs, is complex meaning maximising the opportunity is also complex.

If you’ve never been a party member or loyal party voter, offers you the chance to be part of We not just Me. Perhaps more importantly, if the party you’ve always voted for now doesn’t represent your views on Europe, we’re here for you. We’ve built smart algorithms to determine the best route for flexible voters in each region. You can either trust us or question us: we’ll happily go into the fine statistical and techie detail if you want.We strongly feel remaining in the EU is more important than anything else. Voting smart is a big part of that.

Ever since the 2016 binary referendum divided the country, a simple core value has united so many citizens across political differences. That core value is the heartfelt desire to sustain our active EU membership.

I call this #SaveOurStar.

Some of us are motivated to #SaveOurStar because shared EU membership underpins the Good Friday Agreement which settled the peace fragile in the island of Ireland.

Others are excited by the right to live, work, study, love and build families across the union of 28 member states.

Many regard the harmonisation of regulations, standards, labours and environmental protections across a market of 500 million people fundamental to prosperity and global economic influence.

There are so many reasons to be in the EU.

We don’t have to agree on everything, but we are united by a greater goal: #SaveOurStar.

When your fundamental beliefs centre not on a political party but on a wider concept bestowing rights, opportunities and diplomatic influence, your normal voting habits probably don’t apply.

That’s where Smart Voting is a game-changer.

Smart Voting is about cooperating to make your vote count by collectively voting for a political party that isn’t necessarily your tribe, your political home or your strongly felt preference. Instead of the gut or the heart guiding your vote, Smart Voting is a collective voice that can swing the overall results. It’s the wider We rather than the Me.

For people who feel passionately enough to vote for your party: go for it and vote proudly. Tell your friends, and encourage them to come and cast their votes too. Across the ballot, parties are standing highly capable, pro-European candidates. Your loyal vote may well win them their seat. How wonderful when that Member from your region goes to the European Parliament in July. But for those of you who are unaligned, less passionate, more flexible, it’s harder. Voting feels like a burden not an opportunity.

For you, we’ve created so you can vote confidently for a candidate who, with your help, will win a seat for a Remain supporting MEP. There’s absolutely no excuse for not voting just because you can’t make your mind up.

Smart voting is an act of transitory cooperation that will help us send more pro-European MEPs to the European Parliament. Voting Smart together, following our recommendations, really can help #SaveOurStar. Having more pro-EU MEPs will shape the future debate about the nature of Brexit. It may even help persuade our political leaders to revoke Article 50.

When you cannot vote with the heart, Vote Smart.